The character on this page is a cameo of my friend, who resonates with this analogy. His fursona is a sneptor :)


There is an analogy about faith and missionary work which Elder Lindt shared with me (with my own additions). Imagine each person has an incomplete brick wall with a curtain slowly rising from it. The wall is their testimony of what they believe is true about reality.

Each brick is a piece of their testimony + beliefs about existence. The rising curtain is the person's trust in you growing.

It may be tempting to try adding or removing bricks from someone else's brick wall testimony, but that almost never turns out well. Same goes with trying to lift parts of the curtain faster than the curtain lifts on its own. Only the owner of the wall itself should add or remove bricks. Our job as missionaries / members is to simply offer bricks, and show our own brick wall testimonies as an example they can reference and consider.

Since we believe in only one objective reality, everyone's brick wall testimony only has one completion state, and that completion state is the same for everyone. That can be scary for a lot of people since that sounds like we are supposed to work toward being exactly identical to everyone else. However, we all can paint and decorate our testimonies differently through our experiences, interests, and personalities.