Elder Wright

Elder Wright is the author of the Tails In Ogden visual journal / webcomic. He is from Southern California, and the UOM is his original missionary assignment. He is an artist and is currently going to the University of Southern California to major in Game Development. He also enjoys being a part of the furry community, valuing the principles commonly strived for there of unconditional love and celebrating one's identity.  His fursona is Seijin, who is part avian, part canine. "Seijin" is one of the Japanese words for "saint".

Heavenly Father

Jesus Christ

The Holy Ghost

Brigham Young

Russell Nelson

President Hobbins

President Hobbins is the Mission President of the Utah Ogden Mission when I started serving there as a missionary. He is from Southern California, and he has a career background in business leadership. He was the Mission President when the Utah Ogden Mission merged with the Utah Logan Mission, and he also managed the mission when the covid pandemic occurred.

Elder Lindt

Elder Lindt is my first missionary companion, which means he was my trainer. He comes from Virginia, and the UOM is his original missionary assignment. We were together for just 1 transfer, and we served in the Weber Heights Stake in South Ogden. The character he's given is part shark, part fox. Elder Lindt said his last name often got associated with the Lindt chocolate company, so he frequently used that connection to help people remember his name.

Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith is the first prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In addition to the many miraculous experiences we believe he experienced while working to restore Christ's official church on the earth, we also believe he was directed and helped by God to unearth, and then translate to English an ancient sacred record now known as "The Book of Mormon - Another Testament of Jesus Christ". You can read more about him and his life here: Simple Article / Detailed Article

Elder Strat

Elder Strat was the District Leader during the short time I was in South Ogden. He was a really good friend of Elder Lindt, and we frequently interacted during the time I was with Elder Lindt. He also is of African-American descent. Although there isn't as much ethnic diversity in Utah, it is slowly increasing, so Elder Strat is a nice reminder to me of how Christ's church is working to be a worldwide church, not just one in and for Utah. I drew him as a melanistic fox, which I think is a really cool aesthetic.

Sister Hobbins

Sister Hobbins is the wife of President Hobbins, and they both make up the Mission Leadership Couple for the Utah Ogden Mission. Although President Hobbins presides in the stewardship over the missionaries and is more recognized than Sister Hobbins; she serves an equally important role in helping out around the mission, especially for the female missionaries. Her husband also turns to her for input on making a lot of important decisions. President Hobbins frequently talks about how wonderful Sister Hobbins is. Note - Presiding does not equal being superior. Our church strives to emphasize that husband and wife are equal roles, and that it's okay for those roles to adapt to the circumstances of each family.

Elder Lassy

Elder Lassy took the place of Elder Yano a little past halfway through my first transfer in the mission. He was the first missionary who encountered my journal without me bringing it up, and thankfully he was very kind and encouraging when he read it. That gave me a nice confidence boost to keep going with my journal. Unfortunately, he caused the missionaries in our apartment to be isolated for the rest of the transfer because he was suspected of possibly having covid when he moved into our apartment. It turned out he didn't, but it caused a good example of how cautious people were during this time of the pandemic.