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Key events of Joseph Smith's involvement in restoring Christ's Church & Gospel (pt. 2)

In 1829, angels sent from Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery (Joseph's scribe & friend) to restore God's power & authority -called the Priesthood- on the earth. The resurrected John the Baptist along with the apostles Peter, James, and John, came to do this.

In 1830, the church officially became organized. Christ was (and still is now) at the head of the church, and Joseph became the president, which he did until 1844 when he was martyred (see pg. 012). During his time as president, the church grew to 26,000 members.

During Joseph's time presiding, he helped restore the concept of temples, and the sacred ordinances exclusively performed inside of them; particularly the "Endowment" ordinance and the "Sealing" ordinance, which we believe are necessary for the step after Salvation called Exaltation.

Joseph also helped restore the practice of passing down the authority of church leadership roles through revelation from Jesus Christ on who he wants to fulfill a role in his church. This is done rather than roles passing through biological lineage, election, or simply ceasing to have living prophetic leaders when the original ones die.