This is the first of many slice-of-life pages. Thankfully though, this is one of the crazier ones. 

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Many of these first many pages are moreso "setting the stage", but there will soon be more "slice of life" & "specific story" pages soon. This page is the first of those. Enjoy!

As a missionary, you come across a lot of interesting people and stories, both good and bad. Today had two great examples of that:

While on a walk to get some fresh air, a mentally unstable lady pulled over by us, rolled down her window, and started screaming like she was getting murdered. She demanded for us to give her a priesthood blessing (I will explain what that is later), but we kept our distance. ("If my husband sends me to an asylum or if you call 911, I will kill myself by overdosing!!", "uhh...")

She settled on us calling her ward's bishop (apparently she was a member of the church) to meet with her and take her off our hands. When the bishop came, he sounded like this wasn't the first time he's dealt with this person and situation. ("I'm sorry you had to deal with that on the first week of your mission. I swear something that crazy is not a normal occurrence!", "ok.")

On a brighter note, later we came across a cool guy in his yard named Brother Sawyer, who had a hobby of braiding and using whips. He invited us over and showed us how to use a whip, and then demonstrated how a whip can slice an aluminum can in half.

The idea of doing a visual journal actually didn't occur to me until after coming across these two interesting people. I thought "wow, I want to record these experiences". And so I began my journal.