Taking care of yourself is very important. If you are too busy to take care of yourself, you are working harder than God intended life to be.

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Since most people are home and available on the weekends, missionaries are usually the most busy at this time. Instead of relaxing on the weekend, missionaries traditionally take a break from missionary work on Mondays (arrow pointing toward the symbol next to the date, showing that is the Japanese symbol for Monday) until 6pm. This time is called our "preparation day", or p-day for short. If you're thinking that's not much time to relax, you're right. However, I miraculously almost always felt like I had been refreshed and ready for another week after the end of each p-day, as though I had a full weekend's-worth of rest.

Typical p-day activities often include:

  • A tame recreational activity or two, like hiking, art, playing a board game, or visiting a local museum.
  • A video call with their family.
  • Journaling & writing home to friends and family via email.
  • Groceries, haircuts, dentist, and maybe some "for-fun" shopping (with certain rules on what you can buy), etc.