I had some fun and got some ideas from AI on how to portray covid and came up with what is seen in the picture - giant viruses in the sky! I like the surreal vibe they give. They'll probably make more appearances in my journal.

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I started my mission in June of 2020, which means that Covid19 was at its peak, and made my life and work as a missionary very different from the typical "mission experience" for around the first year of my mission. Most in-person activities and meetings missionaries participate in were turned into phone or video calls, if they even continued happening at all. In the first two areas of my mission I probably only visited a total of around 20 people in-person (not including other missionaries). It was quite difficult and monotonous during this time, but I know it was still very helpful for me. I also have faith we still were able to have a positive impact on many people through our clumsy but usually sincere efforts.

The two main activities of "Quarantine Missionary Work" we did was:

  • Calling church members of the wards we covered, and sharing "spiritual messages" with them about staying strong amidst challenges like this pandemic, along with how they can minister to those around them; especially those not of our faith, or who are members but not currently active in the faith.
  • Interacting with people on Facebook by sharing religious content & thoughts, scripture quotes, and messaging people who might be interested in learning more about Jesus Christ & His Church.