Although we aren't always perfect at doing it, everything a missionary does is aimed to point back to Christ.

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"What exactly is a missionary like me called to do for these 2 years?"

The most important role is described in our "Missionary Purpose": "To invite others to come unto Christ, by helping them receive the restored Gospel through Faith in The Lord Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the Gift of The Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end."

In the most ideal circumstances, missionaries would spend most of our time teaching interested people about the things listed above; testifying of it through our own personal experiences following it, and inviting those we teach to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ themselves os they can tray that same joy I mentioned in my testimony on page 001.

However, most areas in missions around the world are not close to that point yet, so in the abundant time many missionaries have when they aren't teaching, we are taught to:

  • Search for people who are interested in learning.
  • Connect with and teach members of the church how to share the gospel with others.
  • Participate in service projects for individuals, the church, and the community.
  • Strengthen our own understanding of Christ, His Gospel, & Missionary Work by studying the scriptures & other resources.