Drawing a map of something is surprisingly fun! Note - I'll try to highlight words that are more specific to the church, missionaries, Utah, etc. and define them either on that page or somewhere else. I'll probably not be perfect at it, but I hope it helps.

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The Utah Ogden Mission (or UOM for short) covers the northernmost part of Utah, plus some of southern Idaho. The mission covers a good mix of rural, suburban, and urban areas, and although there isn't too much in terms of tourist attractions, there are 3 wonderful temples of our church, which is a lot!

(The map shows the most notable cities / towns that I personally used to orient myself in the mission. Cities that have temples in them have a temple icon next to them. In the top right, a little map of Utah displays where the UOM is in size and location in relation to the rest of the state.)

A "Mission" of Christ's Church like the UOM is geographically divided in a particular way: A mission is divided into zones (ours has 8*). Each zone is divided into districts (typically 2-4). Each district is divided into areas (usually 3-5). Each area is covered by a companionship of 2 (sometimes 3) missionaries. This is how our church's missions are organized.

*6 of the 8 zones are for English-speaking missionaries, and the other 2 are Spanish-speaking. The 2 Spanish zones cover the same area as the 6 English zones.