No, unfortunately, "stake conferences" have nothing to do with steaks. Plus since thousands of people would attend a stake conference, it would cost a fortune to provide a steak dinner to everyone there. However, it does give me the idea that when I'm older I would think it'd be cool to serve or eat steak dinner with my family on the evening after a stake conference. That would be perfect!

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The Church of Jesus Christ is a global church, and has a certain way of being organized into local groups:

  • There are over 3000 organized stakes of the church around the world. Each stake is made of around 5-10 wards (congregations).
  • Stakes & wards cover geographical areas, and every member is assigned to the ward & stake they live in the boundaries of, instead of members picking which ward & stake they're a part of.
  • There are around 100 - 500 members in each ward, and ward boundaries are occasionally updated to make sure no ward is overwhelmed or underwhelmed by how many members are in it.

Each area of the Mission covers certain wards and/or stakes. Most areas in the UOM cover 1 stake, though some may cover 2 stakes or 1/2 a stake. I will be called to serve in different areas throughout my mission. The first area I'm called to serve in is called Weber Heights 2. It is in a lower/middle-class suburban area of the city of South Ogden, and it covers 3 wards (1/2 of the Weber Heights Stake, hence the name Weber Heights 2). This is where my missionary service in Utah begins.