It's okay, I gradually overcame this fear as the mission progressed!

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I remember being very nervous about my journal in the first several months of the mission. I wasn't fully confident I had a place in Christ's church as a game design major, let along as a furry. President Hobbins banned a lot of spare-time activities missionaries did, including board games, non-Latter-Day Saint books, guitars, legos, listening to music with percussion/guitar, and nerf guns (that last one was banned right after what happened in the story on the previous page). As a result, the Assistants to the Mission President & some other Young Mission Leaders were confiscating any such things found in a missionary's possession.

I was afraid that if I spoke with the wrong missionary, gossip would spread and I'd be told by the APs or President Hobbins to stop doing my visual journal. I even feared it wasn't out of the question they'd even confiscate my journal and ban missionaries doing art. Besides Elder Lindt and Elder Strat, I kept my journal a tight secret at this time.