I hope I did this story justice to both the missionary and mission leadership sides. I think I did. Looking back it's a silly story to reflect on.

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There's a dramatic story behind why Elder Lindt became my first companion (this is based on what Elder Lindt told me):

1 - The day before I arrived in the mission field (which was a p-day), Elder Lindt, his previous companion, and other local Elders were setting up for a nerf gun battle inside a meetinghouse gym.

"Let's cover these gaps with hymn books so darts don't fall in."

2 - Elder Lindt's companion had a grudge against one of the other Elders there. They must have both been looking for a reason to fight.

"Don't do that. Hymn books are holy scripture and shouldn't go on the floor. You should know better."

"That's not true! You're making that up!"

3 - The argument escalated into a brawl, which ended in one choking the other unconscious.

"Woah woah woah, stop!!" "Let him go!!"

4 - President Hobbins soon got word and talked with Elder Lindt & his companion to determine what should happen.

"Sighhhhhh... Elders, you gotta be kidding me."

5 - Later...

"Elder Lindt, I decided your companion will be transferred to the opposite side of the mission tomorrow, so you'll be getting a new companion. It actually works nicely since a new missionary is coming tomorrow and needs a training companion. Would you be willing to be that for him?"

"I guess so... Okay. I'll try."