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"So far, I had only participated in "MTA" lessons (see pg. 013) with church members over the phone. But today I got to help teach someone not of our faith! I was nervous and she wasn't very interested... but it really motivated me to become a better teaching so I can help people by teaching about Jesus Christ's gospel. I want to work toward teaching clearly and teaching with love.

The meetinghouses of the church are not only for Sunday Worship. They are also used for Sunday School, nonreligious church activities, and as a rendezvous location (especially in Utah, where meetinghouses are everywhere). Here's a map of what one commonly looks like:

  • 2-4 Bishops offices (since multiple wards share one meetinghouse)
  • Kitchen
  • Nursery (toddlers)
  • Around 8 classrooms
  • Chapel
  • Gym / Chapel Overflow / Elders Quorum (men) meeting place
  • Stage connected to the Gym, which also serves as a classroom space
  • Relief Society meeting place (women)
  • Primary (children)
  • A U-shaped or O-shaped hallway that wraps around the middle of the building