Note - our apartment only had one set of keys which the other Elders used, and we were too lazy to get the keys copied, so the apartment remained unlocked during the daytime. Kinda foolish of us, but in all fairness there's not really anything valuable to steal from missionaries. We still should have done it though.

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Missionaries have very tight rules regarding how they're allowed to interact with fellow missionaries of the opposite sex. For most of my mission, 98% of the interactions I had with other missionaries were only with Elders. This is to prevent romantic feelings from developing (and actions that may result from such) between Elders and Sisters while they're serving as missionaries. However, a downside to this separation is it causes a lot of "bromance" jokes among many of the Elders, which I don't like*...

*Not homophobia. That kind of talk just feels wrong for missionaries to be using in general...


"Nothing much hot stuff!"