I had a good ol' Samsung Note 9.

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It has only been a couple years since missionaries started having smartphones. In order to help smartphones contribute rather than distract from our work, we are given and asked to follow these rules:

  • Our phones have a whitelist of what apps and websites we can access. We are asked not to tamper or evade this whitelist in any way. (There's more apps than shown here, this just shows the most "social and leisure" apps on the whitelist)
  • Have our phone screens be visible to our companions as much as reasonable when using them (mainly so we don't get distracted on Facebook).
  • Keep communication with family, friends, and other missionaries for informal purposes only on p-days (unless for an emergency or for logistical reasons).
  • Avoid taking our phones with us into bathrooms. (companion holds onto it outside)

I have to confess I wasn't the best at following these rules throughout my mission, but looking back I'm grateful those rules were in place. When I followed them it really helped me to value & focus on what really matters.