Remember - we don’t know everything that everyone else is going through, so whether it’s someone above or below you in a leadership hierarchy, a little benefit of the doubt is good to have. Mission Leadership can be challenging to deal with and to be. I hope everyone here at least had a few positive experiences with leadership while serving.

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Being a young mission leader does not mean nor make a missionary better than other missionaries in any way. Many missionaries do a lot of good in leadership positions, while others don't do well during the time they're young mission leaders; often letter the power get to their heads.

[When some missionaries get appointed to leadership, it feels like a stick was driven up their butt and they'd become a lot less enjoyable to be around...]

All that being said, I don't want to point the young mission leadership in a bad light. It's the whole "with great power there must also come great responsibility" principle. I hope to later introduce to you many of the young mission leaders I met who did a wonderful job with that responsibility.