It was honestly a good leadership system for the context of missions :)

Here's the original page tracing


The church's missions have a certain leadership system:

  • The Mission Leader Couple (the UOM's is President & Sister Hobbins)
  • Senior Sister Training Leaders* (SSTLs)
  • Assistants to the president (APs)
  • Zone Leaders (ZLs)
  • Sister Training Leaders (STLs)*
  • District Leaders (DLs)*
  • (the rest of the) Sister Missionaries
  • (the rest of the) Elder Missionaries

(missionary count depicted is lower than the actual count)

The Mission Leader Couple receives revelation (direction) from the Holy Ghost on which missionaries should be "young mission leaders" and when to assign them those roles.

*STLs and SSTLs are like a second set of District & Zone Leaders for Sister Missionaries to be supported by. It's especially helpful if they feel more comfortable turning to a leader of the same sex rather than a male leader.