Definitely not easy... We just gotta keep trying our best. I decided for the background of this one I went to Google Street View and referenced some of the houses I found that were in the area I had walked in.

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"Elder Lindt has expressed to me the stress he's been feeling from serving here. It is also probably difficult for him because I'm brand new to missionary service, so he's also now trying to show me the ropes and be a good example for me, which I respect him for doing.

[I'm debating if I should conclude my missionary service at my year mark, or stick it out for the whole two years. Especially since covid has made missionary work feel a lot more monotonous and standstill. I don't know if I can serve for another year without it really hurting my mental health. That's something I'm trying to find some kind of sign from God about.]

(will... I... end... up... like... that...?)