My first zone conference was outdoors, which is unusual. Reason being that it was at the height of covid.

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Every several weeks, missionaries attend what is called a "zone conference". A zone conference is where missionaries from a few zones gather together to receive counsel and guidance from mission leadership on doing missionary work.

Highlights from this zone conference:

1 - The mission leaders of the UOM are President and Sister Hobbins. President Hobbins predicts that if we choose to follow the inspiration that the Lord Jesus Christ gives us over the coming months and years, the amount of success we will have will follow what they call in business a "J-curve".

2 - We were reminded to identify and avoid ways people are objectified by missionaries (and in general), such as:

  • Bragging about how many people you've taught / baptized as a missionary. ["20 baptisms! I'm so good!"]
  • Focusing on likes and follows on social media instead of quality interactions with people.
  • Companions, spouses, friends, etc. being seen as possessions. ["Friends!"]
  • Pornography + other erotic media. ["Hot Chicks"]

3 - Oh yeah! They gave all of us these nice t-shirts. [20/20 Vision; Utah Ogden Mission]