You get used to the label the name tag gives you after a month or so.

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The missionary nametag is very well-known here.

"Missionaries! Come on in and have dinner & a discussion with us!" (even some people not of our faith would do this)

"Missionaries! Please leave and don't come back or we'll call the cops!"

Utah is currently considered the homeland of The Church of Jesus Christ. This is especially true for Salt Lake City, which contains many famous buildings of the Church. It is also where the Church's headquarters are. From the south border of the UOM, it is only a 45-minute drive to Salt Lake City. This is why most of the people that live here are members of Christ's Church, and most people not of our faith already know about the church and missionaries, and usually already have pretty established mindsets about things associated with them.

This causes missionary work here in Utah and surrounding areas to ideally be more focused on our relationship with members of the Church rather than finding people who want to learn about Jesus Christ and His Gospel through our own efforts. The subtle long-term influence members can have is far more effective & positive.