Regarding the privacy of the people mentioned in the journal:

(note – this isn’t in response to any event or problem that has raised, I just felt like typing this up in case it will be helpful for me to share with people if individual or collective concerns arise)

Since this journal webcomic is anchored on events that happened in my life, the people mentioned in this journal are real. Some of you may be concerned about some things I include in the journal that are said or done by other people, which is a valid concern to bring up. Thank you for being alert about those kinds of things. To hopefully put concerns to rest, I can assure you that besides some of the people I was closest with and got permission from, all of the names of people have been changed. For example, Elder Lindt isn’t actually named Elder “Lindt” in real life.

In order to also help make sure no misunderstandings or hard feelings are caused, I will show the more critical quotes or content to those involved (if I have their contact info) to make sure I am not improperly portraying my perspective on what happened or what was said. For example, on page 014 I ran the quotes by Elder Lindt past him to make sure he thought they sounded fine, which he did!

Hope that helps put to rest any concerns that may arise on the subject. Cheers!

  • Evan (Seijin) Wright