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I think the only time a dog ever chased me on my own mission was a tiny dauscheund, haha.


Before I conclude my time server with Elder Lindt, I'd like to share a couple other stories Elder Lindt shared with me:

While he was in Hooper (which is west of Ogden), there was a time he and his companion were returning to their apartment when a really drunk man walked up and pulled a gun on them. Apparently he thought they were burglars disguised as missionaries trying to break into the missionaries' apartment. Thankfully, the situation escalated when the drunk man realized how foolish he was acting and then quickly walked away.

"but how do I know you're actually missionaries??"

Another time, he and his companion were biking somewhere, when a large dog attacked his bike and knocked him over. he was able to quickly punch the dog in the face before it could bit him and then it ran away. He kind of wishes it was a more eventful fight (to tell as an epic story).